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I find it odd that Drupal is placed on such a 'blog' level. Sure, Drupal includes tons of features used in the blog world (RSS feeds for example), but Drupal can do much more:
- Project management - http://www.drupal.org
- News portal - http://www.kerneltrap.org http://www.debianplanet.org
- Community Forum - http://www.tuttinudi.it/

I think it's a bit weird to put Drupal so low on the centralized and informal axes, and especially weird that they didn't even provide a Drupal-powered example (Blog for america seems MT powered).

"Set up within the Association of Progressive Computing, this model made a lot of sense to member organizations"

The correct name of APC: Associtaion for Progressice Communicatins.

By the way thanx for this work, it is very useful...

Ups, it was a typo :(

APC = Association for Progressive Communications.

Drupal is a very complete tool, which will let you set up a whole variety of services - There are around 100 modules, which will let you do most of what all the other tools mentioned here do.
Drupal is used by www.deanspace.org, which in my opinion makes it THE MOST usable tool for eActivism.
It covers bulletin board functionality AND e-mail newsletters AND to some extent Wiki functionality.
Drupal does this in an INTEGRATED way.
That is what makes Drupal MUCH MORE POWERFUL than most other tools.

Sorry but this ActionApps sux!

Looks like something totally made for rocket cientists or lame programmers get easy money maintaning the system

Can't forget OpenACS - that does pretty much everything, including task tracking, setting up events, selling merchandise plus every electronic publishing tools imaginable. RSS-friendly, highly flexible and 100% remote system-level operations (xcept pluging the server to a wall, that is)

about 18 months ago I looked into updating our active software. At the time i came up with many content management systems. Recently I came up with about 150 open source ones. This article doesn't help at all. It reads like it was researched and written one afternoon. Not enough to justify something as pretentious as a top10. Where are the electronic sit in tools for a start. I'd suggest people treat this as a random sample skimmed off the net.

best site in net.

Take a look at http://www.CivicSpaceLabs.com, the drupal package for activists.

The list is nonsense. How can anyone take a list like this seriously that does not include Mediawiki ? It's the single most used tool by activists all over the world, counting the Wikipedia trolls, SourceWatch, Dkosopedia, etc.. Also the names of every concept in the world are already in mediawiki and translated into most languages so it's indispensible in global activism.

The "study" draws serious negative scrutiny on its authors for favouring things they are probably involved in developing.

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