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The results from the survey are here:

I found I couldn't respond because a simple yes/no just wasn't adequate. I would have said "yes" by all means consider switching the word processing and spreadsheet stuff to OpenOffice if you like (since hopefully they don't do anything very complicated with either application) but no don't touch the rest.

FWIW it's running 60% "yes" use OS at the moment
I am stunned by the number of people who suggest a n unsophisticated bunch of users should take up MySQL instead of Access!

It is a tough one, because his essential argument is around available support and learning curves. Yes, I agree, the GUI on most Open Source products would require a fair learning curve, but the support? Here I would have to disagree, the support provided by the Open Source community is, in my experience as good or better than that of the big corporations. Add to that the ridiculous amount of Open Source software out there, the wealth of features ( just try comparing Blackboard and ATutor or KEWL on a feature basis to see what I mean ) and I would have to say go for it. On a worst case scenario, keep MS Office, download some blogging software or Website Management System off SourceForge, add a php content management system or dump everything, go Linux and with money saved on licences hire an after school technical manager out of the nearest high school.

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