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I am SO bummed. Not to have to miss a conference, but for the excuse it created to fly half way round the world for F2F meetups with folks like you.

My husband, who was going to get to come along this time (think frequent flier miles) was likewise bummed. He said we should go anyway. So maybeee... if not that week, then sometime soon. He is really anxious to see London and me to see my pals!

It is a shame that the conference has been cancelled - and perhaps the term 'virtual' has had it's day but online communities with or without social networking features are more popular than ever. Perhaps they're no longer curiosities and are no longer worthy of the special attention such a conference entails?

It would be great if you could make it, Nancy. Maybe we could run a low-cost unconference bringing together community managers, bloggers and community engagement practitioners. As you and Jason suggest, there's lots of interesting stuff going on, but the old labels may not be useful.

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