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When I was blogging on the 20six platform there seemed to be a group of bloggers in and around South London that I thought were meeting up. They didn't invite me [boo hoo], so I can't be sure but I'm pretty sure they were having a good time rather than anything more "worthy".

There are also the Bloggers 4 Labour meet-ups and I've been to two of those. Again its more about putting faces to the blogs rather than trying to do anything concrete.

Interesting development, David. I'll pass this permalink to the folks at Minnesota Public Radio who are interested in doing something similar.

I've been involved in the creation of a local blog community here in my hometown of Northfield, Minnesota with a local civic blogosphere project.


I'm now wondering whether a social networking site for the town would be in order.

[Hi Andrew!]

[Hi Griff]

Thanks Griff - if anyone can make it work I'm sure you can! It would great to have yet more inspiration from Northfield

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