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A few things I've been reading recently have mentioned the use of language, and I certainly hold to the view that language = power (hence, e.g. the establishment of the "Queen's English" is at the same time both a top-down imposition of power, but also the creation of a new standard - a feature of language that repeats endlessly).

I'd be interested to see stats or discussion on either/both:

a). the popularity of all these terms over time, a bit like Google's zeitgeist.
b). how people that aren't "part of the revolution", as it were - the people we'd like to push this technology out to - refer to these things. I suspect they just use it, and that brand names are more important than "independent" terms. (For instance, many people know what "MySpace" is, but not necessarily what a "social networking service" is.)

There are so many ways of thinking about this, but I'll keep this one short ;)

I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.

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