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We can set up a VoxPop section. Our debating chamber works very well for
intelligent discussion and it is completely public. It is also safe because
we have no anonymous contributors; everyone must register and check out as
genuine. Why not debate online with an online community? It's the real
thing, let's bring it together - be wonderful promotion for us too!
Jill, Online Communities www.oncom.org.uk

Come one, come all to the free and open to the public, UK and Ireland E-Democracy Exchange:


Designed as an ongoing two-way "exchange," registration is simply designed to build an online community of practice. With aggressive recruiting and 100+ members, the discussions are very dynamic. While my default setting for regional forums (the international "Consult" and "Research" forums are open) requiring registration to post/view messages can be revisited by the forum's co-hosts, so far the quality of exchange is excellent. So join today.

Here is a sample of topics from the last couple months:

Topics, Number of Posts (since later November)

* Guardian reports possible funding for online civic engagement projects 3
* England and Wales e-voting pilots announced 33
* Digital Dialogues: Interim Report, December 2005 - August 2006 2
* DEMO-net Newsletter January 2007 1
* Neighbourhood Fix-It 1
* New Year, fresh hope? Oncom.org.uk 21
* Fwd: Digital Pioneers fund is searching for international projects 1
* Handbags at Hansard 6
* ICT foresight in the third sector 2
* We are now 100, who is missing? 1
* Before we all forget - what happened in 2006? 4
* What are you all up to this new year then 7
* What would DO-wire do? 6
* New Year, fresh hope? 4
* Should citizens be able to write direct to ministers? 9
* Death of a local online community? 4
* An idea for a new site 4
* Matthew Somerville's Christmas Present 2
* No10 petitions launched 56

Ultimately, the reason this format works is that it is designed a two-way space with heavy use of e-mail (web-only is an option). While blogs (even web forums) work well for some audiences, they are still a niche -daily- activity compared to e-mail use for most people.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

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