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Playing the social inclusion game - seriously

On the first morning we played the Social Inclusion Game - an exercise created by Drew Mackie and David Wilcox. The aim was to start some serious discussion about what we mean by social exclusion - and what practical action can be taken to achieve it.

The game was designed to enable people from a wide range of countries and cultures to find some common issues - and to share experience of what works and what doesn't.
gamepresThree teams each 'invented' a fictitious - but realistic - country or region, showing the social , economic and environmental challenges. As well as describing the characteristics of the country, they highlighted concerns about particularly groups that might be excluded from opportunities open to most people. They used a chart to position these groups in terms of their access to technology and exclusion.
gamesheetEach team then took the scenario they had developed to another team - and gave them the challenge of developing a plan to tackle possible excusion. Teams then moved into planning mode - and were each given a set of cards with ideas for projects that they might use to benefit the potentially excluded groups. Each card had:
• a simple cartoon so that cards could easily be distinguished
• a description of the project idea
• a summary of the resources that might be needed for the project
• a budget of 1, 2, or three points to indicate cost or complexity
Teams were allocated a budget of 18 points. Their task was to choose those project cards - up to a total of 18 points - that would do most ensure the groups indicated were included in society.
sarahm Cards were then ordered in terms of short-term and longer-term action, and priority. The plans were, in turn, presented back to everyone - with an indication of how far potentially excluded groups might benefit.
Everyone then discussed what themes to continue discussing during the seminar. These included
• how best to continue to share experience
• the nature of the 'digital divide
• providing information and communication use non-Net methods
More about David and Drew's games at their usefulgames blog
You can download the cards that we played with as an 800k pdf. We didn't use all the cards in this set for the game - choose about 25 to play with that you think most relevant. Games and cards may be used for non-profit purposes with attribution to David and Drew at usefulgames blog
Download cards

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