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The site

This web site is designed as a 'blog' which means that items on the main page are in date order. They are also filed under different categories, and archived by date.

Categories. If you are interested, for example, in the Regeneration game, all past items related to that will be under the Regeneration category.

Archives. Items published in previous months will be found, in addition, in the appropriate monthly archive.

Comments. You can add your comments by clicking on the Comments link under any item - but you can't add items. Sorry - this isn't a forum. If you would like us to consider publishing anything as a main item, please send us an email.

Links. If you want to refer to an item by it's specific URL, clicking on Permalink under the item will open it under that URL.

The people

Most of the games here have been developed by Drew Mackie and David Wilcox. We will also feature other games and workshop tools that we like.

David and Drew also work on Making the Net Work, and David developed Partnerships Online.

We are trainers and consultants and would be glad to talk to you about running events, or other work.

David Wilcox david@partnerships.org.uk +44 (0) 20 7600 0104

Drew Mackie drewmackie@m2ud.com +44 (0) 131 445 5930

The content

The games that we have developed can be used for nonprofit purposes for training, demonstrations and 'real' project planning with attribution to Useful games at http://partnerships.typepad.com/usefulgames. Creative Commons

You may not alter, transform or develop the work. See Creative Commons licence here for the terms,

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