Spanish e-learning game

Participants at an e-learning congress in Barcelona April 15-16 2004 will be playing a project planning game developed by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie. The game cards are in Spanish and English. More details and downloads here >

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New cards set for community networking

We have developed a new set of cards for the community networking game, to play with participants at a community technology conference in Brighton, UK.

Download cards pdf 700K
Download Why games article including instructions pdf
More here about games for online communities

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Games to develop online communities

We have a range of card sets that can be useful for groups that are thinking through how to get their organisation or neighbourhood online - or, for example, are rethinking their community web site as part of a wider communications network.
If you are interested in this, I suggest:
* Look at the games page on our other site Making the Net Work
* Read the general games instructions
* See how we used games for digital champions
* Download cards sets from here
... and then choose an appropriate set, or make up your own. Most of the sets are a mix of online activities and other things that you will need to do to get people involved.

You might also take a look at the sustainability game developed to help UK online centre think about how they may fundraise, attract volunteers, trade or get help in kind. The cards have backs with fundinbg ideas (for the UK).
Do email me if you have any queries, suggestions or experience of using the games David Wilcox

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Games at conference

nhf.jpgGames can be used even when you have a large number of people at a conference, and not much time.Here's what we did for the National Housing Federation when their information technology specialists gathered in Telford for their annual event earlier this year.

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Running a planning game workshop

dchamp.jpgFor an good example of how our our technology planning game can be used, take a look at the web pages we developed after a day with Digital Champions on the west coast of Scotland. They were helping other residents take advantage of Scottish Executive funding that provided 2000 homes with free computers.

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